Monday, May 23

Jazz (JLC Family) discusses the death of Mava Chou and denounces online harassment

It is on Instagram that Jazz Correia, revealed in Who wants to marry my son? in 2015, then in Les Anges, before having his own JLC Family show on TFX, spoke about online harassment.

In a story broadcast on the famous social network, the young woman living with her family in Dubai spoke after the broadcast of a report devoted to YouTuber Mava Chou, who committed suicide on December 22 after have been the target of repeated harassment. Jazz Correia called on its community to mobilize against the perpetrators of cyberstalking.

“Mava Chou took his own life because people on social media kept on going, it should never happen again. (…) She abandoned her children because of you! You are a postman, assume it. (…) It is time to act, we are human beings, not beasts. Who are you to torture us like that? ”She says on Instagram.

Jazz Correia also shared an email address with its subscribers allowing victims of cyberstalking to seek help. In the process, she created a movement of support for the victims by proposing to her fans to add the “chain” emoji to their Instagram biography, “to show solidarity and to recognize each other,” she adds. A symbol adopted by hundreds of subscribers, as well as by his companion, Laurent.

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