Friday, May 20

Omicron variant: hospitals under pressure

While nearly four thousand patients were hospitalized on Tuesday in intensive care and that we beat a daily record of Covid-19 contamination every day, what about hospitals? Is the rise in the number of cases due to Omicron increasing the pressure on healthcare facilities?

At Lariboisière hospital in Paris, the vast majority of Covid patients in intensive care have the Delta variant. Omicron is less aggressive.

However, there are still more and more cases in hospitals.

“Generally these are patients who arrive for other pathologies and who are contaminated by the Covid because we do a systematic screening on their admission,” said Professor Bruno Mégarbane, head of the intensive care unit in Lariboisière, to CNEWS.

Absenteeism of caregivers also increases the pressure

These asymptomatic patients or with few symptoms do not saturate the intensive care units, but the hospitals are generally under pressure.

This is particularly the case with the northern hospital of Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône).

“In recent weeks, we have been faced with absenteeism due to contaminated caregivers,” further explained Professor Marc Léone, head of the intensive care unit at the North hospital.

To cope with this pressure and continue to operate, hospitals are forced to deprogram 30% of non-emergency operations.

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