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Opted out of RBK and dropped Glimt: Now Elias (19) meets Celtic

Spisskomet and Scotland professional Elias Melkersen (19) are guests of this year’s first Rasmus & Saga.

Featuring Rasmus & Saga: Elias Melkersen.

He has just turned 19, and has just taken a driver’s license.

But where many teenagers still live in the boys’ room, Elias Melkersen has moved to Scotland. To Edinburgh. And the Hibernian club.

In this year’s first Rasmus & Saga, we get an insight into the new life of Ranhi eim’s goal machine last season.

Melkersen is the sturgeon who opted out of RBK in favor of Glimt as a 15-year-old, and who chose Hibernian ahead of a Glimt return in December.

Now he lives with the course master, dreads his first meeting with Scottish roads, but is very much looking forward to the meeting with Celtic on Monday.

Elias Melkersen – here from the apartment in Edinburgh.

RBK’s intense January

Along the way, we talk about life in Scotland. About the choices he has made along the way. And about the phone call on Christmas Eve that changed a lot.

And we’re talking about Rosenborg:

The hunt for a chairman of the board.

The search for an assistant coach.

And not least the player hunt.

Where does Rosenborg really stand right now, a week before the players gather on the training field again?

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