Tuesday, May 17

Oslo is among the worst municipalities in the country for sorting plastic

Collected plastic in Oslo: 5.5 kg pr. inhabitant. Agder: 18.6 kg pr. inhabitant. Now the city council will take action.

If you thought the blue / purple bag was a widespread way of collecting and disposing of plastic in Norway, you are wrong. In fact, Oslo is one of the very few municipalities that collects plastic in a separate bag that is thrown in the same rubbish bin as the residual waste.

Food waste in green bags. Residual waste in ordinary plastic bags. And plastic in what used to be blue, which has now turned purple, bags. That is Oslo’s mantra when it comes to sorting rubbish. We are actually quite alone in this mantra. More on that later.

The entire color palette is thrown in one and the same bin outside where you live. About once a week, they are picked up by the municipality’s garbage trucks and driven to Haraldrud. The rubbish is sorted there.

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