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Patrice Evra: – At least two gays in each club

Former Manchester United player Patrice Evra (40) claims that there are gay players in all football clubs and that players have opened up to him.

REVEALS: Patrice Evra says that teammates have opened up about their attitude towards him.

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Homosexuality is still a big taboo in men’s football. Last year, Australian Josh Cavallo came out of the closet and became the only active professional male football player in the world to say that he is gay.

In an interview with French The Parisian tells Patrice Evra that he played with gay players when he was active.

– When I was in England, someone came to talk to the team about homosexuality. Some of my colleagues said that it was against their religious views if there were homosexuals in the locker room and they should leave the club, Evra says about the prejudices in football.

– I asked them to shut up. I’ve played with gays. They have opened up to me face to face because they are afraid to talk loudly about it, claims the Frenchman, who is also not afraid to show off his humorous pages on social media:

Despite the fact that so few have emerged as gay, Evra believes that there is a far more widespread orientation in football than what emerges in public.

– There are at least two players in each club as a gay man. But if you tell it in football, you’re done, says the former left-back.

In England, Evra played for Manchester United and West Ham. The 40-year-old has played for Juventus, Marseille, Monaco and other French and Italian clubs.

In the Premier League, no players are openly gay. The league has previously tried to focus on the problem through rainbow-colored shoelaces and corner flags in the same colors.

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp is among those who have supported the initiative and told how the campaign made him himself more aware of the problem.

– This is a challenge that should not be there, the German believes.

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This weekend, Josh Cavallo told that he was victim of homophobic incitement during the match against Melbourne Victory.

– I will not pretend that I did not see or hear all the homophobic comments last night. I have no words to describe how disappointed I am, he wrote in a longer post Twitter.


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