Tuesday, May 17

Pedestrians dragged by a car: what are the risks of those stopped?

A few days after the terrible assault perpetrated on Sunday morning, in Noisy-le-Sec (93) by three men who dragged two people behind their car, gripped by their coats, many demand a criminal response to the height. Presented to an investigating judge this Thursday, January 13, what risk the suspects?

As for the alleged perpetrator of the assault, that is to say the person who was driving the car and who grabbed by the coat the two people seen in the videos broadcast at the same time on social networks, he risks up to seven years in prison and a 100,000 euros fine.

The equally concerned accomplices

And this, for facts of “voluntary violence having caused an ITT of more than eight days”, committed with two aggravating circumstances – the first “with weapon” (his car) and the second “in meeting”, since he was accompanied two other people in the car.

Regarding the second alleged aggressor, who did not touch the two victims but who filmed the scene, the latter risks the same sentence as his sidekick – that is to say up to seven years in prison – for the simple and good reason that, according to the law, it is its accomplice.

According to the Penal Code, “constitutes an act of complicity in the willful attacks on the integrity of the person provided for by articles 222-1 to 222-14-1 and 222-23 to 222-31 and 222-33 and is punished by the penalties provided for by these articles the fact of knowingly recording, by any means whatsoever, on any medium whatsoever, images relating to the commission of these offenses ”.

As for the third man in the car, he faces five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros. According to the Penal Code again: “whoever can prevent by his immediate action, without risk for him or for third parties, either a crime or an offense against the bodily integrity of the person voluntarily refrains from doing so is punished by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros ”.


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