Tuesday, May 17

Prince of Bel-Air: the remake of the cult series unveils its first trailer

Announced in 2020, the “Prince of Bel Air” remake, produced by Will Smith, now has an official trailer and a US release date.

The new version of the cult series, which launched Will Smith’s career in the 1990s, will be broadcast from February 13 on the American platform Peacock. This first official trailer confirms in pictures what had already been announced over the months. This remake will therefore be much more dramatic, while relying on the original scenario: a teenager leaves Philadelphia to settle in the very chic suburb of Bel-Air with his uncle and aunt.

Better denounce prejudices

Camped by Jabari Banks, who succeeds Will Smith, the series called “Bel-Air” therefore abandons the funny and whimsical tone of the mythical sitcom, to denounce more deeply prejudices and inequalities. It also leaves room for longer episodes, of nearly an hour, more conducive to exploring these questions than the initial format of around thirty minutes, thus announced, at the end of last year, TJ Brady and Rasheed. Newson, the creators of the series.

For the record, the project was born on the web when in 2019, the director Morgan Cooper had published a false trailer, revisiting the series in a darker register. Seduced by this video, Will Smith then got it into his head to produce the remake. A project which is therefore preparing to meet the American public but which is still awaiting a broadcaster in France.


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