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Suicide: why have attempts increased among young women?

Another consequence of the health crisis. Over the past year, the number of suicide attempts has increased among young people, and especially among girls.

The data from Public Health France were collected and analyzed by Release. The observation is chilling: suicidal acts have increased by more than 40% among girls under 15 in 2021, compared to the three previous years. Same conclusions for the 15-29 age group: suicidal gestures by young women increased by 22% in 2021. Among boys, the phenomenon has remained stable.

The health crisis has caused an increase in depression and anxiety among miners. In January 2021, 2 in 3 young people believed that the pandemic had “negative consequences on their mental health”, according to a study by Fundamental.

“In those ages, we build ourselves a lot in relation to others, not alone in our room,” Patrice Huerre, a child psychiatrist, commented at the time for CNEWS. “There is a flagrant lack of experimenting with modes of relationship that allow you to grow, and that is very painful.”

Over-represented girls

It remains to be understood why girls are overrepresented compared to boys. “Perhaps the girls have been more affected by this societal stress, by this insecurity, by the reduction of social or family links and benchmarks”, advances the specialist in child psychiatry Angèle Consoli with Release. “There is an exposure to death, to anguish, to disease. Perhaps they are more sensitive to it than boys, but (…) these are only hypotheses. “

Outside the pandemic, suicide attempts are already much more frequent among women. “They make twice as many suicide attempts as men, but are three times less likely to kill themselves,” said a report by the National Suicide Observatory (ONS) published in 2014.

This difference can be explained by the mode of suicide chosen. For men, hanging is the cause of 58% of suicides, and firearms 17%. For women, hanging (37%) and taking medication (28%) are the most commonly used methods, and leave more chances of survival.

According to the ONS, suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds in France, just behind road accidents. They represent 16% of deaths in this age group in 2014, or around 8,800 deaths.

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