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Swedish demonstration of power in Eckhoff comeback: – Absolutely wild!

Elvira Öberg (22) shows frighteningly good form before the Olympics. Tiril Eckhoff (31) was finally back after illness.

WIN: Elvira Öberg was chopped too strong for the Norwegian women.

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The sprint was almost like a small comeback for Tiril Eckhoff. The biathlon star returned home from the Alps before Christmas because his body did not play on a team.

At home on Christmas vacation, she caught a cold. This meant that she had to stand over the gutters in Oberhof last weekend.

A little rusty, but newly engaged, the 31-year-old was left on the starting line.

– It was surprisingly good. I am not in shape, but the body responded, says Eckhoff, who believes that the Olympic form will come, to NRK.

However, she had little to contend with against World Cup leader Marte Olsbu Røiseland and Swedish Elvira Öberg.

Norway’s foremost Olympic hope in biathlon shot full house in the sprint, but was copied by Öberg. And in the track, the Swede was in a class of his own. It goes towards a super duel in the Beijing Olympics in a few weeks.

– It is absolutely enormous what she does on the trail. I almost think the Swedish cross-country national team should use her in the relay, said NRK’s ​​Ola Lunde about the Swede’s demonstration of power in the ski track.

In the finish, Öberg was a full 21.6 seconds ahead of Olsbu Røiseland. A real scare shot before the Olympics.

– I am incredibly happy with my efforts today, Öberg beamed to NRK.

– It is one of the roughest races I have seen of a female biathlete ever, said Stabrun Smith.

– It’s completely wild! supplemented Lunde.

Olsbu Røiseland came second ahead of Italian Dorothea Wierer.

– It is a great race and a very good starting point for the start of the hunt. I have never done it so well in Ruhpolding, so I wanted to make it happen here, she says to NRK.

Karoline Knotten was second best Norwegian in 12th place. Eckhoff was number 19.

However, Öberg has had worse days at work:

PS! Biathletes’ lubrication manager Tobias Dahl Fenre tested positive for corona on 28 December. 13 days and five quick tests later, he delivered a new positive test. Thus, he is put in isolation, the Norwegian Biathlon Association stated earlier Wednesday.

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