Friday, May 27

The police stop the search for the shipwreck outside Gamvik

The search for Reidar Nilsen, who is missing after the shipwreck outside Gamvik on Sunday, is canceled.

Archive image of Reidar Nilsen, former leader of the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association. He is missing after a shark crashed outside Gamvik on Sunday 9 January, and the police have decided to stop the search. His son, who was on board, has been found dead. The photo was taken during the Fiskarlaget’s national meeting in Trondheim in 2021.

– We have unfortunately come to the difficult decision of having to end the search for the missing Reidar Nilsen, informs on-duty chief of staff Stein Kristian Hansen in Finnmark police district.

The police and rescue crews have since the shipwreck invested large resources to find the missing person in order to provide an answer and a grave to the relatives, he continues.

– The search conditions are very demanding, and with the weather prospects ahead, it will not be possible to continue the search without the risk of exploration crews.

Large resources have participated in the search

A beach search has been carried out, and both Sea King rescue helicopters, ROV underwater robots and drones have been searched. If there is new information about the shipwreck, the search will be able to resume.

– We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the search for the missing person. Volunteer crews and hired resources have made an enormous effort in a very challenging assignment, says Hansen.

The police will now investigate the case in parallel with the Accident Investigation Board Norway to find answers to why the boat sank.

Concern message

Reidar Hansen’s son Remi Andre Nilsen was found dead on Sunday afternoon. The two were on their way to crab fishing in the Tanafjord.

The search started after the Main Rescue Center received a report of concern at 9.30 on Sunday. A few hours later, the schooner was found on land.

– En bauta

Reidar Nilsen was the leader of the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association from 2001 to 2013, which received the message about the shipwreck with grief.

– Reidar led the organization for twelve years. Many of us worked closely with him, and therefore it is especially sad to receive notification of such a shipwreck, said leader of the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association Kåre Heggebø in a statement.

Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Bjørnar Skjæran (Labor Party) also praised Nilsen and said that the Norwegian fishing industry has now lost a bauta.

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