Tuesday, May 17

The Storting’s presidency says no to a proposal for a 45,000 kroner salary increase

The Storting’s presidency unanimously says no to the proposal of NOK 45,000 in wage supplements in one go for 2020 and 2021. But the parties strongly disagree on what the wage increase will be.

Storting President Masud Gharahkhani failed to create a majority to freeze politicians’ pay levels.

The presidency met at 0815 this morning to address the final round of the wage settlement for the Storting representatives. All parties agree to have a zero settlement for 2020. But beyond that, there is no majority for any proposal:

  • Labor wants to freeze wages.
  • SV and Rødt want to cut wages.
  • The Conservatives, the Greens and the Social Democrats will ask the Compensation Committee to submit a new proposal after this spring’s wage settlement.

Thus, it is completely uncertain whether and what increase in the remuneration parliamentary representatives and government members will receive for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022. The presidency submits a recommendation to the Storting in plenary that will vote on the issues shortly.

The reason is that the Storting has not regulated the remuneration since 1 May 2019 pending a report on the remuneration of elected representatives at all levels.

More revelations

Meanwhile, a number of revelations and incidents have eroded the confidence of both politicians and the institutions: the commuter homes, severance pay and holiday pay are the key words.

Today, the remuneration of the country’s leading politicians is:

  • Representatives of the Storting: NOK 987,997
  • Prime Minister: 1. 735. 682 kroner
  • Ministers: 1. 410. 073 kroner

In the autumn, the Storting’s own remuneration committee put forward a proposal to increase remuneration corresponding to the settlements within the front subjects: 1.7 per cent for 2020 and 2.7 per cent for 2021. This framework is used as a basis in most wage settlements in the private and public sector. often referred to as «ordinary people».

The proposal that the parties must decide on in the next few days will give the following new salary:

  • Representatives of the Storting: 1,032. 838 kroner
  • Prime Minister: 1,814. 454 kroner
  • Ministers: 1,474. 056 kroner

Passes one million

But this means that the Storting’s salary will for the first time exceed one million kroner. Both SV and Rødt have in previous years voted for a pay cut. Following the revelations, several parties feared the consequences of such a wage increase, even though the percentage is in line with ordinary people’s settlements.

Before Christmas, the Labor Party’s parliamentary group agreed to freeze wages at the level from 2019. SV wanted to cut wages and then give the elected representatives the same amount of kroner in the settlements going forward as the average for most people.

– We will refrain from regulation in 2020. Then we ask if the remuneration committee comes up with a new recommendation after the wage settlement in the spring, says FRP’s Morten Wold and Conservative Svein Harberg.

Together with Sps Nils T. Bjørke, they support in principle that the Storting should follow the Remuneration Committee’s proposal. But in light of recent years’ revelations, they believe it makes sense to refrain from additions in 2020.

A: Must go ahead

SV leader Audun Lysbakken believes that the public sector and the elected representatives must take the lead in reducing inequalities.

– One cannot with authority demand that there will be an end to increasing inequality in the rest of working life if the elected representatives do not take the lead, he has previously said.


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