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These 6 2 euro coins that can be worth a fortune

Be very careful with the 2 euro coins that are in your wallet or in your piggy banks, some could well be worth much more than their face value.

German 2 euro coins

Among the coins that collectors are snapping up, there is in particular the 2 euro coin minted in 2008 in Germany. More precisely, this is an edition containing an error: the borders of the countries of the European Union, composed of 15 member states at the time, have not been drawn. This model was produced in only 30,000 copies. And the more limited the mintage, the more the coin’s value increases.


The 2 Monegasque euros

Some Monegasque two euro coins minted in 2007 could be worth a few hundred euros. That year, 20,000 coins were minted to mark the 25th anniversary of Grace Kelly’s death. These copies, on which appear the profile of the American actress who became Princess of Monaco in 1956 after her marriage to Prince Rainier III, can sell for between 600 euros and 1,000 euros.



Finland’s 2 euros

Other coins to watch: the 2 euros from Finland dating from 2004. This coin was produced in a million copies to celebrate the enlargement of the European Union to ten new member states. Its draft being quite large, its rating is not very high. It is worth around 60 euros. But it is always more than its initial value.


The 2 euros of the Vatican

Collectors are also looking for the 2 euro coins put into circulation in 2004 for the 75 years of the founding of the Vatican City State (signing of the Lateran Agreements on February 11, 1929). On this occasion, only 85,000 copies were made. Its rarity makes it a prized object which is now worth around 100 euros, knowing that its value varies according to its condition.


The 2 Spanish euros

This commemorative Spanish coin was released in 2012, on the occasion of the ten years of the Euro. It has been printed in 8 million copies, but 70,000 to 100,000 units contain an error in the size of the stars appearing on the edge. They are a little larger than normal. This anomaly, which is difficult to identify, thus increases the value of the coin.



The 2 euros of San Marino

Finally, on the list of highly rated 2 euro coins, we find that of San Marino, a small independent state located in Italy, minted in 2004. In total, 110,000 units were produced in homage to Bartoloméo Borghesi. In the center, the bust of the Italian numismatist and epigraphist has been engraved, surrounded by his name. This coin is worth between 200 and 300 euros.



Of the five most expensive coins in the world, four come from the United States.


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