Tuesday, May 17

This view is described as «absurd». It’s okay to shut out the unvaccinated if relief comes, the cultural life believes.

Is it correct to have a maximum limit of 50 at the Opera when the subways are full? Cultural and nightlife will have corona passes if it gives them relief.

Illustration image: There is room for 1300 in the Opera. They believe it is safe to have more in the hall than the current limit of 50 spectators. The picture is from June 2021, when it was only allowed with 20 people.

For four weeks we have had bar stops and strict maximum limits at events. These are measures that FHI does not know about work. The knowledge is deficient.

The measures will soon be adjusted. Thursday at 19 there is a press conference. In advance, a number of organizations in the field of culture and nightlife have joined forces for a letter. There, the two make demands on the authorities:

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