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TV program. “There’s nothing that I like about me”: six years after its stop, it is the return of the show “Belle tout nue”

A program to feel beautiful, without diet or surgery: in How to be beautiful naked, who took over from Beautiful naked, program broadcast on M6 between 2008 and 2012 with a one-off resumption in 2015, several women will try to regain self-confidence and change their outlook on their body thanks to the advice of Zak Khchaï, personal development coach, who replaces (remember) the exuberant William Carnimolla.

The coach, who himself has been “for a long time very complexed by his image and his weight”, will launch two challenges to each of these women: to do a nude photo shoot and to parade in underwear in front of an audience made up of relatives but also of perfect strangers. “I wanted to stop everything and leave everything”, confided with difficulty Stéphanie, 44 years old and mother of two children, whose story is told in the show this Wednesday evening, in parallel with that of Marina, 28 years old. , young single mother.

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French women dress in 44 or more

Find his place

In the age of social networks where beauty dictates are still numerous, the show recalls the difficulty of women with forms to find a place in society. And, as everyone knows, it’s not always easy to accept and love yourself. However, as Zak advises: “All bodies are beautiful and there is only one. So, you have to take care of it! “

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In each episode of How to be beautiful naked, the beauties will therefore indulge themselves in complete privacy. In a way, this show is the last chance to finally succeed in loving yourself. And there is a long way to go: “I am always in the perspective of me before and that’s my problem. On my networks, I do not post a portrait or filtered photo, or else I post from 4 or 5 years ago … when it is no longer me, ”says Marina.

Stéphanie, for her part, “can’t stand” her image. “I can’t see myself anymore, there’s nothing I like. I even avoid parent-student meetings because you have to talk and show yourself, ”she says in significant pain. “I prefer to hide and shave the walls. “

Cyril, her husband, seems distraught, he who finds her “so beautiful”. “I would like her to see herself with my eyes. I tell her that she is beautiful, sparkling and resplendent, ”he says with a tight throat. “Apart from Cyril, my relatives do not know how much I am broken inside,” continues the forty-something, who clearly indicates wanting to move forward in life, especially for her daughters.

“Can’t wait to let go of the bunch with the standard”

“Accepting, celebrating, loving, loving each other, learning to change the way you look at yourself, talking to each other with kindness, going beyond diktats, silencing injunctions, being proud of yourself … are values ​​which are very dear to me ”, summarizes Zak Khchaï on his Instagram account.

The coach continues: “We cried, we laughed (a lot), we did not always agree… But above all we surpassed ourselves; we shared our stories, our doubts and our fears to seek inside us the light and the love that we are capable of giving ourselves “, while chanting to be” eager to let go of the bunch with Standard “.

For the moment, there are only “naked beauties”, but Zak Khchaï swears it to himself: “One day, there will be men and other kinds”.

How to be beautiful naked, from this Wednesday, January 12 from 9:05 p.m. on TFX. Program produced by Adventure Line Productions, presented by Zak Khchai with the voice over of Joséphine Draï.

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