Tuesday, May 17

Vaccine pass: senators refuse the possibility for bar and restaurant managers to verify the identity of customers

After being approved by the National Assembly, the bill transforming the health pass into a vaccination pass must pass before the senators. The latter removed, during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the possibility for the managers of places subject to the pass to check the identity of customers.

The text voted by the National Assembly provided that in addition to the police, managers of bars, restaurants, and other places subject to the pass, could carry out an identity check on customers, under “very tight” conditions. The bill stated that they could apply for “an official identity document” if there were “serious reasons for believing that the document presented is not authentic or does not relate to the person presenting it”.

Dominated by the right, the Senate has removed this possibility. Marta de Cidrac, Senator Les Républicains des Yvelines, argued that she risked “reinforcing the feeling of mistrust towards the French” and called for leaving these control tasks to the security forces “of which it is the job”. The rapporteur Philippe Bas (LR) judged that “the disadvantages seem to outweigh the advantages”, namely the fight against health pass fraud. An opinion shared by the majority of senators. Even if the Senate has removed this provision from the text, the National Assembly will be able to reinstate it during the continuation of the parliamentary shuttle.

The upper house of parliament will resume consideration of the text on Wednesday. There are still 104 amendments to be examined, including nearly 50 on the first article of the bill, relating to the transformation of the health pass into a vaccination pass.


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