Sunday, May 22

VIDEO: Sara Giraudeau reveals her pregnancy to everyone’s surprise in “The question box” on Canal +

Guest of “The Question Box” with Gilles Lellouche, Sara Giraudeau (Le Bureau des Légendes) revealed to be pregnant with her third child to everyone’s surprise.

The actress, who is currently promoting the film Farewell Monsieur Haffman, answered the first question they were asked, namely revealing a secret “about the person sitting next to you”.

Sara Giraudeau did not give Gilles Lellouche time to answer and immediately put her hands on her stomach, throwing: “We have that one”. Before laughing with laughter with the actor who tried to feign surprise. “Oh ! The most beautiful of secrets in the world, ”adds Gilles Lellouche. A revelation that no one expected.

When speaking about their project in 2022, Sara Giraudeau obviously bounced back on her pregnancy. “So it’s easy for me… mom first!” She said. Anny Duperey’s daughter is already the mother of two daughters, Mona, born May 22, 2011, and Bonnie, born June 28, 2016, whom she had with the actor Simon hubert.

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