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We must ensure a sustainable economy and progress for Norway and the world

  • Alida Ravndal (17)

    International member, Young Left

We must ensure a sustainable economy and progress for Norway and the world, says Alida Ravndal (17).

Green development, phasing out and restructuring are important.

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Cutting out the oil and gas industry will have major ripple effects, wrote Richard Slagstad Kierulf (14), a member of the Industry and Trade Party, in Si; D recently.

Kierulf argues in his post that the petroleum industry should be preserved due to value creation. If you omit adjustment, yes, then the calculation becomes ugly.

In 2019, the industry stood for 14 percent of Norway’s gross national product (GDP) in Norway. If we take the industry away without restructuring, we are left with a big hole.

But if we restructure, petroleum workers will get jobs in a green sector. The workforce then continues as contributors to both the Norwegian welfare state and the climate. It has already been restructured 70,000 out of 200,000 in the oil and gas industry. They work with green focus.

Sixth AssessmentThe report states that the climate crisis is real. At the same time, it emphasizes that an effort is needed to avoid the worst possible climatic conditions.

Norway and other countries are bound by the Paris Agreement. Our largest trading partners, including the EU, take it seriously and have their own ambitious climate goals. We can practically not afford to break the agreement. If we adjust and join Acer, we avoid massive losses.

We in Unge Venstre see how important green development, phasing out and change are. We must ensure a sustainable economy and progress for Norway and the world.

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