Sunday, May 22

New NIPH reports: This is how the pandemic winter will be – no matter what the government does

Although the government maintains strict measures, FHI assumes that up to 50,000 will be infected and 500-2500 end up in hospital at the same time.

Strict measures are not enough to prevent up to 50,000 from becoming infected every day when the pandemic reaches a wave peak in January / February, according to FHI’s new models. But still, the pandemic is now in a new phase when the omicron gives far fewer serious patients.

Whatever the government decides on Thursday, we will have a significant winter wave of the pandemic. The wave cannot be stopped. The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) concludes in three new reports.

“An omicon-driven winter wave is not possible to stop, but it may be possible to dampen the top of it,” writes FHI.

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