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Beer-thirsty Oslo citizens took the nightclubs back again: – Nice to see other people

The pour stop lasted more or less exactly one month. On Friday, people could again enjoy alcohol at the bar.

Friends Cecilia Vezzani, Synthia Bassole and Sofie Nyman thought it was nice to see other people when the bars reopened on Friday.

– Oh my God! It’s so wonderful!

Bartender at Kulturhuset in Oslo, Antonia Basic, barely has time to talk to Aftenposten. Inside the popular bar it is more or less completely full. And the bartender rushes between the taps to fill up new glasses.

On Friday, nightclubs throughout Norway were again allowed to serve alcohol to guests. This comes after the government lifted the national liquor ban that was introduced in mid-December to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

– It is very busy, and we are so happy about that. But we hope we will soon be back to normal, she says while mixing a drink.

For only a few hours after Aftenposten is at Kulturhuset, the last beer must be filled. Corona measures still apply, and at 11 pm they are required to close the taps. It is several hours earlier than they would like.

Bartender Antonia Basic was busy at work on Friday night.

– Nice to see other people

When Aftenposten was on Youngstorget, in the heart of Oslo, around 20.45 on Friday night, it was relatively quiet in the streets. But inside the bars it was bustling with people, and the buzzing that comes with it.

Several places could report that the capacity was already full, and in some places there were tendencies to queue.

But deep in the corner of Kulturhuset, a group of five friends had gotten a table.

– It’s nice to be able to see other people again, Cecilia Vezzani thinks.

– But we actually do the same thing we would have done otherwise, just outside, the sidekick shoots in.

It was generally calm in central Oslo on Friday night, but in some places there were tendencies to queue.

Not everyone has opened

At midnight on December 14, Kulturhuset and other pubs had to close their taps. They had to do this through the usually busy Christmas period, and until quite exactly one month later. On Friday 14 January at 15.00, a new mark was placed in the prim staff of Kulturhuset. Then the doors opened again.

Her friends Julie Røiri and Josefin Gilbert also took advantage of this year’s first opportunity to go to a bar.

– It is very fun, and very delicious, says Røiri that something has now opened up again.

Finally, Julie Røiri and Josefin Gilbert were able to grab a toast at a nightclub again.

Nevertheless, it was clear that not all bars in Oslo have had time to adjust from a closed life. Several of the bars at and on Youngstorget were also closed on Friday night.

And outside the bars, there were abnormally few people if you compare it to a normal Friday.

Although the bars reported some full capacity, it was otherwise calm on Youngstorget on Friday night.

Must sit at the tables

The bar stop has thus ended. In their professional assessments, FHI and the Norwegian Directorate of Health recommended that drinking be stopped somewhere between 22 and 24. They were also clear that if the drinking was to be lifted, there should be a requirement for people to sit at tables.

This council followed the government, and thus ended up closing now at 23.00.

– We now open for serving alcohol, but with a stop at 23.00. The serving of alcohol will take place at the tables, as this contributes to less movement among the guests and ensures infection control, said Minister of Health Ingvild Kjerkol at a press conference on Thursday.

Thus, party-happy Norwegians still have to wait for open dance floors.

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