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Cannabis could offer protection against Covid-19

According to a recent American university study, cannabis could be an unexpected protective tool against Covid-19.

On January 10, scientists from two Oregon universities indeed indicated in a publication that cannabis, usually known for its use as a drug, contains acids that may be effective against the coronavirus.

Reported by the site of, this study takes place in the context of a global vaccination campaign and the search for treatment against the most serious forms of the infection.

Concretely, cannabis is composed of two acids that could prevent the virus from entering healthy cells. These are cannabigerolic acid, known as CBG-A and cannabidiolic acid, known as CBD-A.

Other plants studied

In this study, several other plants were also studied to find out if their chemical elements were able to neutralize the coronavirus. To counter SARS-CoV-2, these elements must be able to bind to the “spike protein”, a microscopic structure protruding from the body of the virus, containing chemical receptors. If these receptors are bound to the harmless chemical element from a plant, then the virus is theoretically neutralized.

In their research, scholars have studied red clover, hops, licorice, but no plant has matched the effectiveness of hemp, one of the cannabis plants. Cannabidiolic acids are thus the most effective in neutralizing the coronavirus.

If the two acids CBG-A and CBD-A are naturally present in hemp, there is no question of fighting against the coronavirus by smoking cannabis joints. These acids are not “controlled substances like THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, and they have a good safety profile in humans,” explained Richard van Breemen, the study’s lead author. .

For the production of a treatment against Covid-19, it would therefore be a question of extracting the acids from the plant to make effective drugs. According to the scientists, the results obtained confirmed efficacy against the Alpha and Beta variants, and it is very likely that the treatment is also effective against the Omicron variant.

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