Sunday, May 15

Children under the age of five are now offered the vaccine. But FHI believes few need to take it.

All 5-11 year olds are offered a coronary vaccine, but there is no general recommendation to vaccinate the children. For FHI believes the need is small.

Father Arne Vinnem is fully vaccinated. But he has not yet decided whether his son Ivo will be vaccinated when he turns five this summer.

It’s Friday afternoon, and Arne Vinnem is on his way to a toy store with his son Ivo (4.5 years). This time it’s not Ivo that gifts are to be bought for. It will not be closer to summer until Ivo turns five. And when that time comes, dad Arne has to think about whether they should want more than toys for Ivo’s birthday.

– Putting a syringe in the shoulder of a five-year-old is basically not so tempting, says Vinnem.

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