Monday, January 17

Grand Paris Express: the construction site of the Saint-Denis-Pleyel station will resume, after the fatal accident

Construction work on the future Saint-Denis-Pleyel (93) station of the Grand Paris Express will resume “early next week”, we learned this Friday, January 14, ten days after the death of a worker on site.

The facts had occurred around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday January 5 in the morning, on the site of the construction site of the Saint-Denis-Pleyel station of the Grand Paris Express. According to the first information posted on the Grand Paris Express Twitter account, “a fall of material on the construction site would be the cause of this accident”, during which “a companion died”, without giving further details.

This Friday, January 14, a spokesperson for the Société du Grand Paris announced that “the construction site should restart at the beginning of next week”, while “operations prior to the resumption of work on the Saint-Denis Pleyel site […] are being deployed.

As for the question of what repercussions this accident could have on the calendar: the latter replied that “safety [était] the first priority” and that “at this stage the subject [était] to restart the site in complete safety”.

Nothing new however concerning the investigation which had been opened on January 5, in order to “determine the exact circumstances of the accident”, which still remain unknown at this stage. And the version has also remained the same: the fall of equipment on the site is the cause of the death of this worker, an employee of the Eiffage group.

“All our thoughts go out to the family, loved ones and colleagues of the victim”, could we read on the press release issued the same day by the Société du Grand Paris, affirming that “the community of the Grand Paris Express [était] deeply affected by this accident”.

As a reminder, the Saint-Denis-Pleyel station is destined to become the future largest station of the Grand Paris Express. It should see around 250,000 travelers per day via four metro lines, the first of which are expected for 2024.

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