Sunday, May 22

Kanye West unveils “Heaven and Hell” music video

Fans of the rapper will be happy. Never very far from the media radars, Kanye West – renamed Ye – has decided to publish the clip for one of the titles of “Donda”: “Heaven and Hell”.

The two-minute video takes place in a dark atmosphere. Surrounded by clouds, in darkness, Yes faces the light. The silhouettes being all hooded, it is difficult to establish the names of the cast. However, we follow them throughout the clip, in the maze of dismal streets and juntil the flight.

The clip also serves as an advertisement for the line Yeezy the gap (a collaboration between Yeezy, Gap, et Balenciaga), as reported LFM. the hoodie noir – second piece of the collection after the jacket oversize recycled nylon – is highlighted. The is indeed worn speak rapper but also by the extras. For many months already, the rapper maintains a culture of anonymity.

Netflix documentary announced

Beyond her new music video and the announcement of her relationship with actress Julia Fox, the announcement of a Netflix documentary was also released. Three episodes will be available on the platform starting February 16. The documentary will also be released in theaters from February 10. Finally, it is already rumored that the 11e album would be in preparation.

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