Friday, May 27

Presidential 2022. When the Republicans’ disinfox unit defends Valérie Pécresse with… an infox

Brittany … A beautiful region for Marine Le Pen to travel to the countryside, especially when it comes to denouncing offshore wind power, which is very present there. The candidate of the National Rally indeed wants to put an end to it. And she made it known once again, during a press conference this Friday noon.

His first words, however, targeted his rival Valérie Pécresse (LR), and even her husband, Jérôme Pécresse. “In 2011, Nicolas Sarkozy’s government awarded four tenders for offshore wind turbines. If that of Saint-Brieuc is for the Spaniard Iberdrola – allow me to remind you that at the time of the award of this call for tenders, a certain Valérie Pécresse was Minister of the Budget and her husband Jérôme Pécresse headed the wind subsidiary of Alstom which won the other three contracts”, declared Marine Le Pen (from 1 min 30 in the video below).

The attack is clear. And it is appropriate for the Republicans party to retaliate.

On Twitter, an hour after this declaration, the account “@RipostePecresse” published a message which aims to “restore the truth and fight the infox on Valérie Pécresse”: “In 2011, Jérôme Pécresse was at Imerys (and not Alstom) at the time tenders. It is therefore a question of defamation, or a new means of generating wind… ”

So yes, but actually no. Jérôme Pécresse worked well for Imerys, until … June 2011. He was appointed on that date to the chairmanship of Alstom Renewable Power, as Marine Le Pen says. At the time, the media The new factory, quoting Reuters, had also echoed it. But, above all, LinkedIn profile by Jérôme Pécresse attests to this.

He was therefore effectively president of the “renewable energies” part of Alstom at the time of the call for tenders. This was published on July 5, 2011 in the Official Journal of the European Union and the specifications made public by the French government on July 11. Applicants had until January 11, 2012 to submit their project. And it’s in April 2012 that the winners have been announced. Throughout this period, Valérie Pécresse was indeed Minister of the Budget, Public Accounts and State Reform. She served from June 29, 2011 to May 10, 2012.

Who got the projects?

A small clarification, five areas were concerned by the call for tenders (and not four, as Marine Le Pen says): these were Tréport, Fécamp, Courseulles-sur-Mer, Saint-Brieuc and Saint Nazaire. However, one of the projects did not succeed, that of Tréport, and four were therefore awarded.

Again, Marine Le Pen is telling the truth. Ailes Marines SAS, a company mainly comprising the Spanish group Iberdrola and Eole-RES, has obtained the Saint-Brieuc site. Areva was responsible for supplying the wind turbines. EDF EN and Dong Energy, grouped within the company Eolien Maritime France, have obtained the three sites of Courseulles-sur-Mer, Fécamp and Saint-Nazaire. And it was Alstom who was responsible for supplying the wind turbines.

In fact, then, everything is true. As for the insinuation that transpires from Marine Le Pen’s statement, on the other hand, that’s another story.

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