Sunday, May 15

Telecoms. The copper network is at the end of its life: make way for fibre!

After carrying billions of conversations since the invention of the telephone and then bringing the Internet to homes, copper no longer shines. In March 2021, Lévis-Saint-Nom (Yvelines) was the first town in France to abandon its old copper telephone network. The 700 subscribers have all switched to fiber optics for landline telephone and Internet. This residential town and its 1,600 inhabitants have said goodbye to ADSL, this technology which transmits digital data (telephone, Internet and television) over a simple pair of copper wires via a “box”.

In Lévis-Saint-Nom, the transition to “100% fibre” was smooth. The town had been chosen for this first experiment because nearly 90% of the population had already switched to fiber following, in particular, very poor ADSL speeds. “The changeover for the 116 remaining households was done very calmly, in less than six months”, explains Anne Grignon, mayor of the town.

The people…

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