Friday, May 27

The new map was to be a disaster for the Democrats. Now they can end up as the winners.

NEW YORK (Aftenposten): The miserable news has been in line for the Democrats, but the year starts with an unexpected upswing.

US President Joe Biden and Democrats are fighting headwinds before the midterm elections in November.

NEWS ANALYSIS: That 2022 could be a nightmare for the Democrats has been clear for a long time.

In November, Joe Biden’s party may lose control of Congress and thus the opportunity to implement the president’s political agenda.

It is almost a law of gravity that the incumbent president’s party loses support and seats when there are by-elections. And Democrats have almost nothing to do either in the House of Representatives or in the Senate.

In addition, Biden is struggling with the measurements. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was chaotic. He has not gained control of the pandemic. Economic bright spots, such as solid growth and falling unemployment, are overshadowed by the fact that inflation has been the highest since 1982.

In addition, the United States is drawing new congressional districts, and many have predicted that the new map will hit Democrats hard.

– This will be brutal, the magazine Mother Jones stated in an article about the drawing process.

“Democrats are facing a catastrophe,” Ed Kilgore, a commentator for New York Magazine, wrote in November 2020.

But a little over a year later, it seems that Kilgore and others have missed sharply with their gloomy predictions.

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