Sunday, May 15

To all kindergarten employees: Society may have forgotten you, but I see everything you contribute

HĂĄvard Moum (21) has been a substitute in kindergarten during the pandemic and this inspired him to write a post.

Kindergarten staff are some heroes.

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To all kindergarten employees.

I see you’re tired. I see that it costs. But I still want to thank you for the love you give to the children. This love can not be washed away by Antibac and incredibly demanding measures.

You are allowed to be frustrated. You are allowed to be tired. Again and again we hear politicians say that kindergarten is so important. It has been repeated so many times that it now feels like empty words.

Society has forgotten you, but I see so well what you do. I see you handing out an extra hug to those who need it. I see that you share joys and sorrows. I see children grow through play, fun and loving counseling.

Because of you, I believe in our future.

Thank you for allowing a humble substitute to take part in this beautiful world, where everything is as before. Even when the world is raging, you stand with our backs to our youngest.

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