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Trial. “I don’t know what got into me”: at the assizes, she admits having suffocated her baby

” I did not feel well. I don’t know what got into me … ” Friday, Nicole Follet, a woman tried for the murder of her nine-month-old baby in 2018, admitted the murder. She says she smothered her daughter with a pillow, to “no longer hear her”.

Frail silhouette, pulled hair, the 25-year-old accused, however, struggled to answer questions, saying “do not remember exactly”.

She had first accused her companion

On May 29, 2018, the emergency services discovered little Aliana unconscious around 4 a.m. at her parents’ home in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (North). According to the coroners, she died of asphyxiation, caused by an “obstruction” of the respiratory tract for “several minutes”.

That night, mother Nicole Follet lies to the investigators: she accuses her companion David.

She then says that after an evening at his brother’s house, she came home alone with her daughter before midnight, to prepare a bottle. David, who came home later very drunk, became violent and locked her in the bathroom. She claims to have heard her baby emit a cry, then to have discovered her lifeless upstairs.

But during a second audition, she changes version. She explains this time that it was on the way back from her evening, after having badly positioned Aliana in her belly baby carrier, that she noticed that she was no longer moving. She allegedly tried to resuscitate her, wanted to call for help but couldn’t find her phone, then locked herself in the bathroom.

Confessions to his “auntie” who welcomes him

Left free under judicial supervision, Ms. Follet, a former foster child, is then domiciled with her former foster family, to whom she feels close.

With this maternal assistant, whom she calls “her aunt”, she confides a few months later: “I did a big mistake”, she blurts out, admitting to having suffocated her daughter with a pillow, in a moment of anger, to “no longer hear his cries” but without the intention of killing, according to her.

She will repeat her confession before the examining magistrate. She will also recount having already suffocated her daughter three times in the past, and having resuscitated her each time by shaking her, before finally contesting this violence.

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