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A man voluntarily pushes a woman on the metro tracks in Brussels

A young man deliberately pushed a woman onto the metro tracks on Friday January 14, around 7:45 p.m. in the Rogier station in Brussels.

The perpetrator, a young man a priori an adult, pushed the woman in the back as a metro was approaching, reports the Belgian daily The evening. The suspect then ran away. People on the platform then alerted the metro driver, who carried out an emergency brake. Showing great reactivity, the latter did not hit the victim.

“The driver braked when he saw the person on the tracks and stopped in time,” confirmed An Van Hamme, spokesperson for the Belgian transport network STIB. “The driver reacted very well but he is still in shock and the person too,” she said.

The suspect arrested

In order to come to the aid of the victim, passengers who witnessed the scene descended on the rails to reassemble him on the platform, underlines Le Soir. Transported to the hospital, the woman was able to return to her home since.

Thanks to surveillance video cameras, the suspect was arrested by the police a few minutes after the fact, while he was in another metro station. An arrest warrant has been requested against him for attempted murder by the Brussels King’s prosecutor. “The investigation is ongoing to determine the exact circumstances of the facts as well as the motive of the suspect,” said Sarah Durant, the deputy Crown prosecutor, in a press release.

“a terrible act of cowardice”

Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brand reacted on Twitter, praising the driver’s responsiveness. “Yesterday a woman was the victim of a terrible act of cowardice, the opposite of the alert response of the driver who was able to avoid the worst scenario,” she wrote.

For its part, the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (STIB) supported the victim and paid tribute, in turn to the driver. “He can count on our support”, tweeted the STIB before specifying to be “confident” so that the court imposes “an appropriate sanction on the author”.

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