Sunday, May 22

Agricultural unions: FJA youth leave FWA

(Belga) Members of the Federation of Young Farmers (FJA) are distancing themselves from the Walloon Federation of Agriculture (FWA) and are leaving the Gembloux head office, L’Avenir reports on Saturday. The young people, who regret not being sufficiently taken into account, have decided to fly on their own, probably to settle a few kilometers away, in Émines, the daily advances.

Between the two associations, unease has been brewing for some time but on Tuesday, the FJA informed the FWA of its decision. “We’ve been trying to meet their office for a year but there’s no way,” said Marianne Streel, president of the FWA. “We still had a date set since December 22 to see each other on January 10 and no one came. Before finding solutions, perhaps we should first explain our problems.” The president of the agricultural union says “to regret this decision without consultation. We are not doing patriarchy in relation to the FJA. They are included in our structures”. On the side of the FJA, no one wished to speak officially on the decision and, above all, on what motivates it, notes L’Avenir. But it would seem that the young people reproach the management of the FWA for showing “omnipotence”, in particular by denigrating the initiatives taken by the young people. The latter would also feel misunderstood by their union whose positions would be too conservative. (Belga)

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