Monday, May 16

Besançon: A network of drug traffickers falls in Planoise

Twelve people were arrested on Tuesday in Planoisen, a republican reconquest district in Besançon, we learned this Saturday, January 15. They are suspected of participating in a clan system of selling drugs.

The gendarmes of the city’s research section seized several kilos of cannabis resin and cocaine estimated in total at nearly 2 million euros for resale.

The investigation began just after a toll on the A36 motorway at Vaux-les-Prés (Doubs). On January 11, 2020, following information, the gendarmes observed a man transfer three bags from one vehicle to another, while a second person was under surveillance.

After several months of investigations, the men of the Besançon research section have uncovered a drug trafficking network which feeds two deal points in the Planoise republican reconquest district of Besançon. They identified twelve individuals whom they suspected of taking part in this network, organized in a clan system with at least six people from the same family.

200 soldiers mobilized

A supply convoy was intercepted last November. On board, the gendarmes seized 162 kg of cannabis resin and 6.6 kg of cocaine, with an estimated resale value of approximately 1.3 million euros and 430,000 euros respectively.

The arrests took place on January 11 thanks to the mobilization of 200 soldiers and five dog teams. They gave rise to the indictment of ten suspects for drug trafficking. In a search, the investigators seized six vehicles, 178,000 euros and again, narcotics.

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