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Chinese astrology: what to expect in the year of the Water Tiger?

February 1st is Chinese New Year. This day marks the start of a new lunar year which will end on January 22, 2023. While 2021 was under the sign of the Metal Ox, 2022 will be under the influence of the Water Tiger. Here’s what to expect with such a combination.

In Chinese astrology, the Tiger is “an animal of nobility linked to the notion of risk-taking, aggressiveness, and movement”, explains Laurent Langlais, master and consultant in Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. Thus, the Tiger “does not like to be locked up”.

Trained in Asia, the specialist points out that this beast contains wood, which symbolizes “extension and recovery”, and fire, associated “with the entertainment industry, spirituality, and divine justice”. Regarding the Water element, it also represents “movement, as well as emotions, especially fear”.

Two opposing worldviews

From a health point of view, “there will still be a threat from variants of Covid-19”. Despite everything, some governments will choose “to stop the costs and return to the life before, while others, on the contrary, will maintain the restrictions and be in control”.

“Two visions of the world will therefore be opposed, unlike last year when it was quite uniform”, continues Laurent Langlais, stressing also that 2022 will be marked by a wind of revolt, linked to deprivations of freedom.

many social movements

“Many demonstrations are still to be expected, but also independence movements”. In addition, the year of the Water Tiger marks “the return of parties and festivals”, and will bode well for the world of entertainment and cinema, but also for tourism.

However, the Feng Shui master (which literally means “wind” and “water”) specifies that the airline industry will be damaged, because “planes are associated with Fire, but Water extinguishes Fire”. More specifically, he predicts “technical troubles in this sector, even a crash”.

According to his analyses, there will unfortunately be “cyber-attacks on the banking or energy system, especially during the months of June, July and December”.

a big scandal

In the space field, “great discoveries – comets, bacteria in space… – will change our vision of the world”, adds the astrologer. This new year, linked to the notions of borders and movements, will also be synonymous with “migration crises”.

On the environment side, “volcanoes will wake up, and some countries will face “storms and hurricanes”. Finally, “a big scandal around a treatment for the heart or the blood circulation will affect both the political world and the pharmaceutical industry”, affirms the expert.

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