Monday, May 16

Comeback for skiing in Oslo. The ski association has only one thing they want you to follow.

Are you burning inside with some double dancing in your body? Now you can finally get an outlet in Marka again.

On Saturday morning, several people were on their way to the ski slopes at Høymyr on Sollihøgda.

Greater Oslo has traveled a week with weather forecasts with no minus in front and strong winds in several places. But the weekend will be cold and windless. This means that ski enthusiasts can once again pack their bags, lubricate their skis and buy a little too many tickets for Metro line 1 to Frognerseteren.

But there are several ways to elbow room for skating. Now there are opportunities for ski trips in several parts of the countryside around Oslo, the Ski Association reports websites. Here are some of them:

  • Lillomarka, where you can go out from Skytta in Nittedal, Movatn and Linderudkollen.
  • South of Nordmarka, with the exit points Låkeberget, Brekke and Grinda.
  • North in Nordmarka, where the trip can be started from Mylla, Svartbekken or Stryken
  • Østmarka, where you can enter from Oppsal, Ellingsrud and Krokhol, among others.
  • Sørmarka from Greverud.
  • Vestmarka from Vestmarksetra or Solli.

In addition, there are good hiking opportunities in both Romeriksåsen and Bærumsmarka, reports the Ski Association.

Record numbers indicate ski fever

Are you the type who has been waiting for good skiing? You are not alone. The ski association is currently experiencing record traffic to check the pre-registrations in Oslomarka. Last weekend, they received over 400,000 visits to their pre-announcements on and the app iMarka.

When Aftenposten calls the Ski Associations on Saturday morning, they have so far received 121,000 visits since Friday.

– Last weekend was quite unique, because then it was good driving in all the field areas, says IT manager Lasse Strand.

He is very pleased with the visit so far.

– We are not used to such numbers every weekend. We are super happy that so many people use the land, he says.

Two things to watch out for

But if you are going out in the field, the Ski Association has a couple of encouragement for you.

– Follow the instructions and see what has been run up. It is crucial if the trip is good. It is reasonably hard where there are no trails, says Strand.

According to the Ski Association, many waters are now possible to take over on skis. The trails are marked with bamboo sticks in several places. And even though many waters, according to the Ski Association, have “rarely good ice”, they call for caution.

“The snow on the ice hides weak points, so be very careful if you move off the marked route,” they write.

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