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Disinfox. Presidential 2022: does the Elyze application favor certain candidates?

Elyze… The name of this application may not mean anything to you. However, it has become very popular on the App Store and Google Store online application stores. Launched on January 2, it already recorded more than 500,000 downloads on Monday January 10, then reported The Parisian.

The concept of the app? It works like a “presidential Tinder”. Proposals of candidates are presented on the screen, without you knowing from whom they emanate. Do you like them? A move to the right. Do you dislike them? A movement to the left. Like the dating app. You have to be positioned on at least 25 proposals to see a first trend emerging. Which candidate suits you the most? The higher the number of passed proposals, the higher the reliability index of the ranking of candidates.

At the origin of this creation, two students who wanted to interest young people in politics and particularly in the presidential elections of 10 and 24 April. One is called François Mari, 19, a first-year student at HEC. His colleague, Grégoire Cazcarra, 22, is a student at ESCP.

Only here, Elyze is accused of being politically oriented, in particular by the candidate of La France insoumise Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

No political bias but bugs

What is it really ? We did the user test. On our application, there were 141 proposals (and not 367); Elyze was recently updated to notably remove duplicate proposals. In the end, we get the same result: we agree 100% with all the candidates, but the podium comes with Emmanuel Macron in the lead, followed by Anne Hidalgo (PS) and Yannick Jadot (EELV).

With our colleagues point, François Mari nevertheless defends himself from any political inclination of its application. The two creators even claim to be apolitical. The reason for this classification lies in the way the code of Elyze was created. The candidates were assigned a number: 1 for Emmanuel Macron, 2 for Anne Hidalgo, etc. This explains their ranking when they are perfectly tied. François Mari, however, assures our colleagues that this bug has been resolved, with an update which was launched on Thursday.

A perfectible application

Faced with the enthusiasm aroused by their application, the two students say they are a little overwhelmed and concede that Elyze is “improveable”. There is thus not the same number of proposals per candidate: 19 for Emmanuel Macron, 18 for Jean-Luc Mélenchon or 21 for Valérie Pécresse. This falsifies the calculations, because it is the ratio between yes and no to the proposals that makes it possible to classify the candidates.

The proposals, integrated into the system by theme, are nevertheless intended to be updated regularly. Because some would be imprecise and others are dated. Emmanuel Macron is not yet a candidate and has not revealed a program, many proposals dating from his 2017 campaign are attributed to him. Another problem, they are worth all in importance. Which is not the case in the programs. Recognition of the blank vote is thus on an equal footing with the opening of libraries in the evening or leaving the European Union.

This is not an absolute truth and we must take a step back on the program

François Mari, co-creator of Elyze at the Parisian

The goal of Elyze is above all to interest in politics. And given the figures, the idea takes. However, it may not be necessary to rely solely on the application to make your choice in the voting booth.

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