Sunday, May 22

For over 20 years she has worked with the storage of carbon: – Obstacles in the way

Carbon capture and storage have been identified as part of the solution to the climate problem. The Norwegian projects are many, but the costs are still challenging.

Eva Halland, project leader The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, was the first leader at Bellona’s conference on carbon capture and storage. Technology is expensive, but when it comes to more projects, costs go down, was one of her main messages.

Waste, tomato and cement.

All this is part of every day. And all this is found in the plans for carbon capture in Norway.

A marathon. That was the word one of the speakers used to describe the history of carbon capture and storage in Norway when Bellona had a conference on the topic.

The speaker, an employee of Equinor, believed that the finish line was approaching in 1996. But for various reasons, the line was constantly moving.

And there are obstacles ahead. The biggest is the price tag.

Nevertheless, the industry sees great potential for what is considered by many to be a necessary ingredient if one is to be able to achieve the agreed climate goals.

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