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Has received several hundred claims after “Gyda”: – Extensive damage

Gjensidige estimates that the compensation costs for all insurance companies after the storm will exceed NOK 100 million. So far, they themselves have received over 400 reported cases.

GREAT VALUES: Insurance companies report extensive damage to large sums after the storm Gyda, and they expect more. Here from Bergslia in Meldal municipality.

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Updated figures from Gjensidige show that the number of “Gyda” -related claims on Saturday morning has exceeded 400.

The number has increased by 100 since Friday.

– We expect more damages to come in and believe that the compensation costs for all companies will eventually exceed NOK 100 million, writes Bjarne Aani Rysstad, communications manager non-life insurance in Gjensidige, in an e-mail to E24 on Saturday.

Bjarne Aani Rysstad, communications manager for non-life insurance at Gjensidige, reports on a large number of Gyda-related cases.

It is everything from small damage that can be easily repaired, to large and extensive damage. The average damage is around NOK 55,000.

– We assume that there will be more injuries during the weekend and next week.

“Gyda” has this week ravaged especially in Central Norway. Several municipalities have been affected by floods, floods, landslides and damage as a result of strong winds.

The storm has contributed to 20 precipitation records in Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag, Sogn og Fjordane and Innlandet being broken, according to Meteorological Institute.

Most water-related damage

According to Gjensidige’s estimates, the insurance industry as a whole has received around 1,500 cases in total, based on the fact that Gjensidige covers one quarter of the market.

– About 40 percent of the injuries are in Trøndelag, 25 percent in Møre og Romsdal and 13 percent in Viken, Rysstad states.

Half of all damage is flood and water related. It is typical where the rivers have crossed their banks, surface water from the terrain has entered buildings, and after setbacks from drains, the communications manager further explains.

– In Trøndelag, it is Stjørdal and Trondheim that have received the most damage, but also many in Orkland and in the Inherred municipalities. In Møre og Romsdal, it has been hardest beyond Surnadal, says Rysstad.

– The wind has raged and destroyed

If non-life insurance also experiences that the storm-related claims are flushing in, in step with Gyda’s destruction.

On Friday night, the company announced that more than 200 customers had reported cases to them.

– There is a lot of water penetration through the roof and into the basements. We also see that the wind has shaken and destroyed, but it is clearly most water-related damage, says communications director of If, Andreas Bibow Handeland.

If’s communications director, Andreas Bibow Handeland, does not think Gyda has finished ravaging, and therefore expects a further increase in the number of claims.

The number is somewhat lower than the company had expected after the meteorologists sent out a red warning. Some of the damage is still quite extensive and costly.

– We already have people out in various places who have started the work, and they report a number of extensive water damage, Handeland says.

Nor does If think “Gyda” has done its thing yet.

– We expect that the number of damage reports will increase steadily in the coming days, because people will, for example, discover water in sheds, garages and cabins. Maybe you discover that the boat was hit hard.

Estimates damages for 12 mill.

Tryg Forsikring’s communications adviser, Torbjørn Brandeggen, states that the company had received more than 100 claims on Friday. Tryg estimates the damage to include values ​​around NOK 12 million.

Experience has shown that the average price of damage is around NOK 50,000, but it varies greatly. If we are talking about a basement with furnishings, it is six digits right away. In unfurnished basements, the average is lower, says Brandeggen about the costs.

Communications advisor in Tryg Forsikring, Torbjørn Brandeggen.

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