Sunday, May 15

Ice-cold sea-slush is nature’s own peeling. Ice bathing delivers!

Ice-cold sea-slush is nature’s own peeling!

Ice bathing delivers! Hashtag: happiness rush.

Are you still sitting in a lukewarm jacuzzi looking for a prince (in white Tesla) who can save you from the power monster? Forget it.

Now there is an ice bath with a happiness rush guarantee that applies. Absolutely free.

Dear bathing yummy 40+!

Saturday afternoon it happens. Then we turn the biological clock back a decade! Smallest.

Just meet up on the pier of Pippen (von Silketopp) as the evening sun beats Nesoddlandet and transforms Bygdøykilen into a wonderful (and insta-friendly) pink gin #loveit.

Pack a fresh and gorgeous swimsuit, fun hat (remember: You are the cherry in the sea sorbet), Uggs, double terry towels, bathrobe, swim-worthy au pair, freshly charged Iphone and a large thermos with warm and good afterbath tea.

Preferably also a scented candle. “White harmony” and “crispy snowcrush” effectively remove all fumes, whether it comes from the witch’s cauldrons on Nesodden or the fossil cruises to Kiel.

Great if everyone can also remember to “prep” a little in advance. Ruffled bikini line and bluish-white quarantine cheeks can put a damper on happiness rush. Not to mention tattered bathrobe, thin towels and / or fake Uggs # støggs. (Tip: Icebath kit with maximum winter glow effect from L’Oceàn can be a good investment.)

If you have a small size on the pandemic handles, this can easily be hidden with draping and / or a strategically placed ruffle. With a pronounced countess slope, however, you should be aware of the north wind. If you get it first, you blow over to Heksebekk before you can shout “juhu” (and you do not want to go there).

Winter pimples, on the other hand, are nothing to worry about. Ice-cold sea-slush is nature’s own peeling! If you have hanging caps, hamster cheeks or other issues, they are guaranteed to be gone when you get up again #seatherapy.

Not to mention which icebreaker cold bath is for short, to-the-point conversations! (NB! If you start talking in rhyme, you’ve been out long enough.)

Jump in the bathrobe and start hashtag: Ice bathing delivers / kickstart2022. And when the likes start ticking in, I promise you will feel it all the way down to your ovaries #lykkerush.

(Just cross your fingers that there is no pelvic inflammatory disease.)

NB! Do not forget waterproof mascara.

Series creator Lene Hval is behind the comics about Nora Helmer, which you can read on Nora Helmer has too his own Facebook page.

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