Tuesday, May 24

Important data solution down at Oslo University Hospital – crisis management set

Parts of an important medical record system have been down at the hospital since Thursday night.

Ullevål is the largest hospital under the OUS umbrella.

Oslo University Hospital (OUS) must work manually after the messaging service in the medical record system Dips went down on Thursday night. Crisis management has been set up at the hospital.

– The entire hospital must now work manually. Everything goes slower. The emergency room in particular finds the situation particularly challenging, says medical director Hilde Myhren in a press release.

DIPS is an electronic patient record system used at more than 35 Norwegian hospitals.

The hospital’s crisis management will meet on Saturday at 4 pm. The hospital will provide updated information after this meeting, they state.

– As of now, the assessment is that the situation does not go beyond life and health. The hospital has staffed several places. We can put in additional resources as needed. The next step will be to ask for relief from other hospitals, if there is a need for it, Myhren continues.

Affects all hospitals in OUS

According to the press officer at OUS, there is a planned update of the journal systems that has not gone as it should. The fault lies with the public health authority Sykehuspartner, which delivers the ICT solutions to all the hospitals in Helse Sør-Øst.

OUS informs Aftenposten that the hospitals are now struggling to refer patients between departments and move things in the system. The computer problems affect all the hospitals in OUS, they confirm.

– Everything goes much slower, says press officer Hedda Holth.

OUS is Norway’s largest hospital, and has over 24,000 employees. Among the hospitals they administer are Ullevål, Rikshospitalet, Aker, Gaustad and Radiumhospitalet.

The system down for the second time in three years

Sykehuspartner tells Aftenposten that there is a problem with the database which means that the medical record system does not work as it should.

– We are working hard to find out. We have invested extra resources and are well prepared, says Deputy Head of Communications Randi Ellingsen.

The company is uncertain about the course of events surrounding the problems, apart from the fact that it was discovered on Thursday.

Also in 2019, there was trouble with the Dips system in Health South-East. At that time, the hospitals struggled with access to medical records at the emergency rooms of OUS. It should not be the same mistake this time, Ellingsen states.


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