Saturday, May 21

Maine et Loire. In the opposite direction on the highway, a young driver dies after hitting a heavy truck which ignited

A 34-year-old motorist died overnight from Friday to Saturday after hitting a truck on the A11 motorway between Le Mans (Sarthe) and Nantes (Loire-Atlantique).

The young woman was driving in the opposite direction on this main road when the accident occurred after the Angers-Est interchange.

The truck, which was carrying various packages, immediately caught fire.

The truck driver was slightly injured. He was rushed to the Angers University Hospital.

Two firefighters were injured in the face during the intervention to extinguish the fire in the truck.

The highway was cut off and should only partially reopen this Saturday afternoon.

“There are packages burned on the road, they must be evacuated, at the same time the road must be cleaned, there should be asphalt to be redone”, indicated the Vinci motorway manager.

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