Monday, May 16

Miscellaneous facts. Paris: a high-ranking police officer receives a reprimand for refusing to comply

The IGPN (General Inspectorate of the National Police) has decided: a Parisian police officer received a reprimand after a refusal to comply which occurred last September. At the time, he ran through several red lights during a chase with a police crew.

According to information from Point, this man is a controller general in charge of compliance with the ethics of police officers within the direction of local security of the Paris conurbation (DSPAP) at the police headquarters. In mid-September, one morning, he goes to work with his unmarked car and runs a red light in the middle of Paris.

Two roasted fires

Police officers then decide to chase him. He does not stop despite calls from the headlights and even burns out another light. The crew in pursuit then decides to activate audible warning devices, in vain. Forced to stop at another light because of traffic, the senior officer then pretends not to notice the police on the other side of the window, and leaves.

Following the revelations of our colleagues, the police force had been seized by the prefect of police Didier Lallement. An administrative investigation had been opened. The driver said he noticed nothing. He finally received a reprimand. Corn Point did not manage to find out whether the police headquarters had started a procedure to withdraw driving license points, the latter refusing to respond to his requests.

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