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Pedestrians dragged by a car: a third man indicted

The images shocked. Several individuals had fun dragging three people, one of whom was over 60, behind their car, grabbing them by the coat. Three men are now indicted, announced the Bobigny prosecution, this Saturday, January 15.

For them, it was “the giggle of the evening”. But for Internet users, these images – voluntarily broadcast on social networks last weekend – are “horrifying”. “Scum have fun hanging out with their car, old people for several meters. The last will fall heavily, ”described for example Mehdi Aïfa on Twitter.

The facts took place on Sunday January 9 in the early morning, in Noisy-le-Sec, in Seine-Saint-Denis (93), we learned this Monday from police sources. In the car, at least 3 people are present, while the passenger films the driver dragging his victim for several meters. “Wallah you’re going to run!”, throws the motorist at him. “Stop bullshiting ! […] Stop, I’m going to fall!”, replied the pedestrian, provoking the hilarity of the occupants of the vehicle.

Extreme violence that led many indignant Internet users to report the video in question on Pharos (Platform for harmonization, analysis, cross-checking and orientation of reports), the government platform launched in 2019, in order to report illegal online content and behavior.

An open investigation and three men arrested

Thanks to these reports, the Paris police headquarters opened an investigation “initiated to find the perpetrators of this gratuitous attack”, thanking in passing this Monday “the Internet users who transmitted this video to the Pharos reporting portal. Later in the day, the parquet floor of Bobigny (93) announced that one of the authors had surrendered and had been taken into custody.

Tuesday, January 11, a second man had also been placed in police custody, after presenting himself to the Noisy-le-Sec police station (93), like his friend the day before, declaring himself to be the author of video and its distribution on social networks. And this Thursday, January 13, the third suspect in turn presented himself to the police. On Friday, the police custody of this individual was lifted and he was to be presented to an investigating judge.

Already known for acts of violence

Unfavorably known to the police, the first two suspects have already been convicted of acts of violence in the past. In police custody, the driver admitted the facts for three victims, admitting to having consumed alcohol and nitrous oxide that evening, we learned from a source on the file.

Their police custody was lifted on Wednesday, and they were presented to an investigating judge on Thursday, January 13, who indicted them.

The first was indicted for “deliberate violence resulting in an ITT of more than 8 days (45 days in fact), in a meeting, with a weapon (the vehicle) and with premeditation”, “deliberate violence not having resulted in ‘ITT’ and driving while under license suspension.

The second was indicted for “complicity in intentional violence resulting in an ITT of more than 8 days (45 days in fact), in a meeting, with a weapon (the vehicle) and with premeditation”, “complicity in intentional violence not having not resulted in ITT” and “dissemination of images relating to the commission of an offense of voluntary attack on the integrity of the person”.

The investigating judge also followed the requisitions of the prosecution who demanded their placement in detention. The two suspects were imprisoned pending the decision of the judge of freedoms and detention, scheduled for Monday January 17 and Tuesday January 18.

What are they risking?

For acts of voluntary violence having caused an ITT of more than 8 days, committed with three aggravating circumstances (with a weapon, in a meeting and with premeditation), the penalty incurred according to the law is 10 years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros. . Note that this is the same for the person filming the scene (so 10 years in prison here).

As for the third individual present in the car, the latter risks 5 years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros for not having intervened. The latter, who had surrendered to the police on Thursday, must be presented to an investigating judge.

Investigations are still ongoing. One of the victims, a man named Ali and aged around sixty, filed a complaint for this attack, from which he emerged slightly injured, with bruises on his head and body in particular.

The second victim, appearing on the video has not been identified to date, the prosecution told CNEWS. But a young woman, the third victim who does not appear in the images, says she has suffered similar events and has also filed a complaint.

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