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– People often react with «oi, this was pink». Either they think it’s cool, or too bold.

Beate Bauer is interior manager at home. As a psychologist, she knows how much the environment affects us positively and negatively.

– The pink room has become like a glowing, warm, enveloping cave. The living room itself is a warm and intimate room, says Beate Bauer.

Mitt favorittrom: – The pink room that the kids call the “cotton candy room”.

Who what where: Beate Bauer, retro-saved hobby blogger, @dynamisk_salong on Instagram, Skien

The house is 100 years old. It is an eternal renovation project, according to Bauer. When they moved in nine years ago, it looked like a Canadian log cabin.

– It was absolutely cruel. Dark, sad, brick and old logs. It has been an enormous amount of work. What have we not done with the house? We will never be finished, she laughs.

– It has become a good family room. We do everything from rest to creative things. That’s one of the reasons I like it so much.
The living room is divided into two zones with a game wall. By the white part is also the kitchen.

Almost all walls have been demolished. The floor plan has changed, and they have set up miles of wall panels and new floors. Everything that could be painted has been painted. For the summer, the cladding will be changed and older, more authentic windows will be installed.

Out man: Bauer says she has a handy husband. She draws and thinks. He carves and holds on.

– He is generous and accepts, for example, pink living room. He has dared to take the chance that it will be good, but he is probably a little nervous sometimes, says Bauer.

Affects mood: Bauer works as a psychologist. Through her work, she has become aware of how much the environment can affect emotions and moods.

– What we have around us, affects how we feel. When the surroundings appeal to me visually, it does a lot with my mood and energy. I like to be a little daring and crazy in terms of interior design. I thrive best when the outer and inner harmonize, and I stand for what I like, says Bauer.

The living room is painted about every two years. Paint can change the whole experience of a room, Bauer believes. She is the painting manager in the house. This color is inspired by the carpet.
The white part has also been painted in other colors, including black. Painting is simple, but at the same time gives a great effect, Bauer points out.

New and old: She describes the interior as playful. Things have always been a mix of new and old. Her style is constantly evolving. She has been to shabby chic and minimalist interior style. Now it is colorful and eclectic.

– I love reuse and the contrast between the new and the old. Surprising and strange elements the ordinary man in the street does not choose.

Glad i teak: – The fascination for retro teak furniture has followed me all these years, to the man’s great despair.

Good solutions: Around the house they have several space-built furniture. It needs old house, sloping walls and sloping ceilings. In both children’s rooms they have a built-in sofa, desk and bed. In the pink living room, they have made a workbench along the entire one wall.

– We use it for everything. In the pictures it looks neat, but it tends to abound with cartoons, projects and pearls. The girls can sit there for hours. The pink living room is both a social and creative zone.

Bauer loves reusing furniture and has a lot of old furniture around the house. The built-in bookshelf surrounds the door, and the workbench goes all the way across the wall.
New and old go hand in hand.

The living room is divided into two: One part has become a pink cave. Even the window sills are painted pink. The opposite side is white. The living rooms are divided by a 1.5 meter wide, black game wall.

– The room is almost a little salmon pink. People often respond with “oh, this was pink”. Either they think it’s cool, or too bold. There are probably some men who think it is too bold.

Changed color several times: Bauer says she is easily influenced by trends. Therefore, the living room is painted about every two years. It has been green, white, orange and black.

– I want to be under development. We as humans are influential, and this is reflected in style changes.

The swing between the pink and the white living room is well used and a good babysitter.

Fell for carpet: The house is floor cold, so Bauer has bought a rug that covers almost the entire room in the pink living room. The rug, which is light pink with large flowers on it, was also the starting point for the wall color. She spent a long time finding the right color.

Remember between rooms: It is used by three out of four in the family, ie Bauer and the kids. It is a good babysitter, she says. The kids can use the swing for several hours at a time.

Bauer’s best interior design tips:

  • Dare to be different and stand out. Do not be so preoccupied with what others think is nice. I decorate with what I like and feel comfortable with.
  • Colors create life in the interior. One must dare to try on eye-catching color choices. Painting a wall does not require a lot of time or money, but it can make a big difference. Also consider painting more than the walls. Moldings and ceilings in the same colors give a nice effect.
  • I recommend building furniture on site. Then you get the most out of the room.
  • Outdated furniture can be nice with new color. Feel free to paint in the same color as the wall, ie tone-on-tone.

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