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Presidential 2022: candidate Christiane Taubira unveils her program

“I commit myself to you”. Less than three months before the presidential election, Christiane Taubira formalized her candidacy and unveiled the main lines of the program, during her trip this Saturday, January 15 to the Croix-Rousse district in Lyon.

The former Minister of Justice formalized her candidacy during a militant rally for the union of the left, in the Croix-Rousse district of Lyon, a symbolic choice echoing the Canuts, that is to say say these former workers of this silk district. A speech broadcast from his Twitter account (find the start of his speech in the 25th minute).

“I commit myself to you because I share with you the aspiration for another mode of government. We want a government that can listen and decide clearly. We want a government that knows how to listen to our abilities rather than infantilizing us,” declared the presidential candidate, then developing the outline of her program.

A student income of 800 euros per month for 5 years

One of its main axes is the education of young people. Christiane Taubira notably offers an income of 800 euros per month for 5 years to allow young people to study without having to work. “Our young people must be able to study, because they are our future,” she explained.

“Today, 46% of young people are forced to work while studying. We will ensure that they are able to devote themselves to their studies by allocating them an income of 800 euros per month for five years, so that they can study and put all their talent at the service of the future. “, detailed the candidate.


Its second axis of priorities revolves around social justice. The candidate proposes to revalue the minimum wage to 1,400 euros net per month. She also promises to tax heritage more “from 10 million euros”.

“Social justice is also our public health, which is at the end of its tether. After having removed thousands of beds today, we are closing services, for lack of carers and carers who have been so mistreated for so long”, noted Christiane Taubira, announcing the recruitment of “100,000 carers”.

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0% VAT for products from organic farming

Finally, the third main priority of his presidential program is ecology, because “it’s the business of the century, we know it”, affirmed Christiane Taubira, announcing that she wanted a zero-rate VAT for products from organic farming at European level.

“For organic farming, I want zero-rate VAT. It is a European subject. This will be one of my great battles with the European Union which is our social area, which must become an area of ​​tax harmonization and which is an area of ​​rights and freedom”, she explained.

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