Monday, January 17

Presidential 2022: the moment of truth for Christiane Taubira

Faced with a completely fragmented left and whose four “big” do not exceed the 10% mark in the polls, the former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, who advocates unity, must clarify his intentions around his candidacy for the presidential election this Saturday in Lyon (Rhône).

For left-wing candidates, this Saturday, January 15 marks the limit to announce their participation or not in the Primary Popular.

Therefore, the former Keeper of the Seals decided to take advantage of this date too, to end the suspense around his candidacy. Last Sunday, she had promised to side with the result of this citizen consultation.

The speech of the Guyanese is eagerly awaited. She will speak at 11 a.m. during a militant rally for the union of the left organized in the district of Croix-Rousse, in Lyon.

“She is going to talk about the substance, her vision of France, what the left can bring to France, and what it can bring,” explained the president of the Radical Left Party, Guillaume Lacroix. And the stakes are colossal on the left, because the hypothesis of a victory for Christiane Taubira in the Popular Primary seems quite credible.

However, by promising to submit to the result of the Popular Primary, the former minister of François Hollande is taking a risk.

In case of defeat and after the citizen investiture from January 27 to 30, Christiane Taubira will have to rally to the winner of this primary whoever he is. The list of personalities subject to this vote will also be announced this very afternoon.

The union of the left still possible?

Less than three months before the first round of presidential elections, the union of the left seems to be becoming a utopia all the same. Conversely, the hopes of the activists of the Popular Primary remain intact. Despite the categorical refusals of the ecologist Yannick Jadot, the rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon or the communist Fabien Roussel, the popular initiative of the primary leaves the candidates until today to finally come together.

And even if they maintain their refusal to take part in the ballot, the personalities of the left presidential candidates will be included in the vote. No permission is needed for their names to appear. The results will therefore have an impact on everyone’s campaigns.

For the time being, only Christiane Taubira, Charlotte Marchandise, Anna Agueb-Porterie and Pierre Larrouturou have accepted the process.

While Anne Hidalgo – yet at the origin of the idea of ​​a primary – plays ambiguity, Benoît Payan the socialist mayor of Marseille, second city of France announced Thursday January 13 that he will support the winner of the Popular primary. The former presidential candidate of 2007 Ségolène Royal also calls to unite behind the winner.

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