Monday, January 17

Swedish shot down Norway’s flashes: – The strangest thing I have ever experienced

After apparently shooting the second shot, Aleksander Fjeld Andersen stood on the stand and called for an official.

DESTROYED: Norway and Aleksander Fjeld Andersen had the race destroyed on the stand.

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The race is in progress!

– It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced. I stand up and have the Swede next to me. If the first shot is fired and hits, then this target two at the same time, out of reaction I go for the third shot, then the targets continue to this, Fjeld Andersen tells NRK after his stage.

Because on the second shooting, there was chaos on the stand. According to the graphic, Norway’s Aleksander Fjeld Andersen had finished shooting and missed, but that was not true.

Because it was a competitor who had shot at the target Fjeld Andersen.

Fjeld Andersen stood, looked around and shook his head in despair.

– Everything is destroyed, the race is over, exclaimed NRK’s ​​Andreas Stabrun Smith and added:

– For an amateur theater.

Eventually he got the discs back up, but it didn’t get any smaller:

– I raised my arm, nothing happens and I do it again. So I take down the stock market and get someone to come to me. Finally gets the flashes up and finishes shooting. Then I am told to shoot three extra shots in addition, says Fjeld Andersen and continues:

– I have a minimum of six hits. Then I am told to go two penalty rounds. I do what I am told, so I hope we get a deduction. But it ruins the whole race.

From the standpoint, the Norwegian was decidedly last, two minutes behind the leader.

Shortly afterwards, NRK’s ​​biathlon expert Ola Lunde could tell that it was Swedish Peppe Femling who fired two or three shots at Fjeld Andersen’s target before he discovered that he fired at the wrong target.

– I do not understand anything, we were 17-18 people who came in and I thought I had control of my blink, Femling tells NRK after the stage.

After the stage, the Swede had apologized.

– We wondered what happened, and I apologized. None of us wanted it to be like that, says Femling.

Well out on the third stage, it became clear that the jury gives Norway a deduction of two minutes after the fade on the second shooting.

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