Monday, January 17

Thieves empty trains for packages

Americans waiting for packages can not be sure they will get them. In Los Angeles, USA, the cardboard boxes float along the train tracks. Thieves have found a new gold mine.

Trains slowing down in Los Angeles have proven to be an easy prey for criminals.

The pictures are almost unbelievable. A sea of ​​cardboard boxes lies along and on the train tracks in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles. Thieves have found a new way to steal.

When the trains slow down and wait to roll into the terminal near the city center, the containers break open. The thieves get free access to thousands of shipments.

It must have been going on for months. Here is the packaging of a large number of packages Americans are waiting for.

In addition, there are thieves who would not take with them. Unused corona tests. Fishing hooks. Unopened envelopes from Amazon.

Local photojournalist John Schreiber has posted several videos on Twitter.

He estimates that every fourth or fifth train that passed where he was standing had containers that had been opened.

On average, 90 containers are broken up every day. Union Pacific, which operates the train lines, is considering taking detours outside Los Angeles to avoid the thefts, local media reports.

Schreiber has tried to track down some of the packages. “On the way. Delayed. » reads the message the recipient receives. In reality, only the cardboard box is left.

It is not just ordinary police who are responsible for stopping thieves on the tracks. A separate police force belonging to the train operator Union Pacific is also trying to stop the thieves.

I a letter Union Pacific sent to the prosecution on December 20, they write that the thefts have increased by 160 percent in the last year. In October alone, thefts increased by 356 percent, compared to October 2020, according to the letter received by the news channel CBSLA.

More than 100 arrests have been made by various police forces in the Los Angeles district. Nevertheless, Union Pacific has not heard that anyone has been brought to justice. Criminals are back on the streets in 24 hours, they write in the letter.

They estimate that the company has lost $ 5 million in 12 months. Then the cost the consumers suffer is not taken into account.

Companies that transport their packages by train, such as FedEx and UPS, are considering finding other ways to transport their packages.

To the news channel CBSLA, the prosecuting authority in Los Angeles replies that they have filed charges against some, but that the evidence in other cases has not been enough. They further respond that they take the concerns of the train operator seriously.

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