Sunday, May 22

Argenteuil: called for a burglary, the police discover weapons of war

Two individuals were arrested during the intervention of the police in the pavilion where seven weapons and 6 kg of herbal cannabis were discovered in particular.

It is an intervention as there is often on which the public security police of Argenteuil leave this Saturday, January 15. They are told of a man climbing the fence of a property in the town. On the spot, seeing the garden door open and assuming a burglary in progress, they enter the pavilion and challenge a hooded man.

The situation is ultimately less obvious than it seems. Upstairs, they find another man sleeping next to 3 kg of herbal cannabis. But the discoveries are just beginning. In the basement, the crew notices that there are weapons of war in plastic bags. Faced with the turn of the case, it is the judicial police of Cergy which takes over the investigations.

Individuals taken into custody

In the end, in the pavilion, the investigators seized no less than seven weapons: two Kalashnikov and AK47 type submachine guns, a submachine gun, two automatic pistols and an unidentified pistol. All accompanied by the ammunition corresponding to the weapons, but also by three trackers and two discreet cameras.

Also seized, 6 kg of herbal cannabis, a machine used to seal narcotics packaging bags, balaclavas, gloves, a bullet-proof vest with “police” badges and a falsely plated stolen motorcycle. The two individuals who were in the house were taken into custody, as was a third man arrested today and suspected of being another habitual occupant of this pavilion. All three were unknown to the police.

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