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Presidential 2022. Campaign clip: Éric Zemmour sued on January 27 for “copyright infringement”

Éric Zemmour and his Reconquête party were taken to court on December 30 for “copyright infringement” after using images without authorization for the polemicist’s campaign launch clip, according to the JDD and BFM TV. In this 7 minute 28 video posted on YouTube on November 30, 114 scenes from film and audiovisual archives representing 39% of the total time of the video did not belong to the former editorialist, according to a count made by Le Monde. Éric Zemmour will be heard by the Paris tribunal de grande instance on January 27.

Among the plaintiffs are the companies EuropaCorp and Gaumont as well as the director Luc Besson, whose extracts from their film Joan of Arc were exploited. The beneficiaries of director Marcel Carné also filed a complaint for the use of certain scenes from the film Quai des Brumes, as did those of Jacques Prévert. The Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers (SACD), which deals with the collective management of authors’ rights, joined the complaint.

An equally controversial logo

On the other hand, Jacques Attali, whose image had been used in the clip of Éric Zemmour, did not go to the end of the procedure. The essayist had also summoned the candidate and his party to court on December 8, but withdrew three days before the court announced its decision on possible prosecution.

Eric Zemmour is also the target of a formal notice sent on January 14 by Jean Lasalle, who accuses him of having plagiarized the logo of his movement, Let’s Resist, for that of Reconquest. And the polemicist will also be tried on Monday, in his absence, for incitement to hatred after his remarks on unaccompanied minor migrants, whom he had described as “thieves”, “murderers” and “rapists” on Franceinfo on September 29, 2020.

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