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Swiss major newspaper: FIFA president has moved to Qatar

The reactions have been fierce since FIFA awarded the World Cup to Qatar. Now the Swiss newspaper Blick writes that FIFA president Gianni Infantino (51) has taken his family with him and moved to the country.

In QATAR: Gianni Infantino during the Formula 1 race in his new home country in November.

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An examination of view shows that Gianni Infantino, president of the International Football Association (FIFA), has been renting a house in the Qatari capital Doha since October.

The newspaper reports that the Swiss-Italian has moved there with the rest of the family and that two of his four daughters go to school in the country.

Blick claims that they have pictures of his family in Doha. “Out of respect for privacy, the editors refrain from publishing the footage,” it says in the case.

Blick also writes that FIFA – confronted with the investigation and after several phone calls – admits that Infantino has rented a house in Doha and lives there with his family.

Blick has also received quotes from Infantino. He does not comment on the move, but says:

– The preparation and implementation of the World Cup in Qatar is a project of unique importance for football and FIFA, as well as for Qatar. It is a unique opportunity to bring people and cultures from all over the world together through enthusiasm for football. For a World Cup that will go down in the region’s and FIFA’s history, even the biggest effort is worth it, says Infantino.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar kicks off in November, and both FIFA and Qatar have been heavily criticized since the World Cup was awarded to the country in the Persian Gulf in 2010.

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Infantino is now also criticized for having moved to Qatar, among other things Aftonbladet’s sports commentator Simon Bank:

“It is not immoral. It’s amoral. There is no morality at all. It is not a broken compass, it is a compass that points in all directions at once “, writes Bank.

A report from the British major newspaper The Guardian in February 2021 showed that 6,500 migrant workers had lost their lives since Qatar hosted the 2010 World Cup. The Norwegian national team is among those who have come up with Qatar markings in the last year.

Infantino has been FIFA president since 2016. There have long been rumors that Infantino has moved to Qatar. Blick writes that FIFA has always denied this, and that FIFA in March last year stated that a move from Switzerland was not planned.

FIFA says that Infantino must be in Doha regularly to contribute to the organization of the tournament, something FIFA connoisseurs of Blick strongly doubt since Infantino primarily has representation duties.

Blick writes that a FIFA spokesman said that Infantino will continue to work from the organization’s headquarters in Zurich, but sources have told the newspaper that the president is very rarely in the Swiss city.

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