Tuesday, May 17

Animals. SPA shelters saturated due to a lack of adoptions

The SPA refuges are close to saturation. The animal defense association announced to AFP that 7,202 animals are currently waiting for a new master within its 62 sites. “The year 2021, impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, saw the SPA again collect more than 45,000 animals, like 2019, and made 40,142 responsible adoptions possible”, specifies the Protective Society of animals, deploring “not being able to take in new residents despite numerous requests for abandonment”.

The association calls “for a real awareness of the French” and asks to favor adoptions. “The first instinct for acquiring a pet should be adoption from a shelter to fight against abandonment and empower owners,” explains Jacques-Charles Fombonne, president of the SPA.

In addition to the abandonment of dogs and cats, new pets (NAC: reptiles and rodents) have also increased by 56% last year. “These favorite animals, available for purchase on the internet and in stores, are the very embodiment of the fight against the animal-object”, comments the SPA which “militant” so that the recent law prohibiting the sale in dog and cat pet shop from 2024 be extended to these animals.

Equine adoptions on the rise

A positive note, however, in the rear view mirror for 2021: the number of equine adoptions has practically doubled since 2019 to reach 154. At the Grand refuge de Pervenchères, in Orne, 61 horses, donkeys and ponies are today offered for adoption.

The Animal Protection department of the SPA has also been marked by an upsurge in reports of abuse. The number of investigations increased by 17% compared to 2020 and the association’s legal department indicates that it has instituted civil proceedings with the filing of complaints on 343 occasions and 349 hearings have been held. The SPA also saved 131% more suffering animals compared to 2020.


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